Welcome to Mayai Lambi College

The Mayai Lambi College , Yumnam Huidrom is one of the oldest Government Aided College of the State of Manipur in the Imphal West District. The College was established as a co-educational college in the year 1981 with the specific purpose of providing , in its initial stage the Local Youths with access to higher education under the able leadership of (Late) Chungkham Rajmohan Singh, Ex-Minister , Fisheries and Power , Wangoi Constituency with the co-operation of the local populances. The College has been able to attract many students from many students from far flung areas as well at present . The college is situated at Yumnam Huidrom in Wangoi Constituency which is at a distance of 18 km. away from Imphal City.

Designing your Future

Since the establishment of the institution in 1981 Mayai Lambi College has been trying with all its sincere efforts to provide access to higher education for youth from a particular area which had been characterised by lack of a college for a stretch of miles upto to graduation level following the academic curriculum of the affiliating university , viz. Manipur University , Canchipur.

The Motto of the College

It is an article of faith for the college that as much higher education as possible should be given to as many people as possible. The College has been giving its students a much more thorough training in mathematics and science and producing many qualified graduates. Physics , Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Botany and Zoology are the offered in the Science stream. The College lays emphasis equally on Arts stream too alleviating the fear of too exclusive a concentration on the sciences. Effective citizenship in a democratic society requires humanistic as well as scientific training.

Code of Conduct

General conduct to be followed in the College campus:
  1. Always be in college uniform with ID Card.form with ID Card.
  2. Attend classes regularly.
  3. Use of mobile phones during class hours and in the examination hall is strictly prohibited.
  4. Keep your college clean and completely plastic-free.
  5. Sitting inside the canteen during class time is prohibited.
  6. Use of tobacco & Anti-Social Elements in and around the campus is strictly prohibited.
  7. Student should park his/her vehicle at the College parking Zone.
  8. No student shall leave the campus before 3 pm.
  9. Contact the College authority in case of any emergency.

Code of conduct in College Library:

  1. Every staff and student of the college is eligible for the membership.
  2. Silence must be observed.
  3. Staff and students should sign the entry register of the library before entering.
  4. Library cards are not transferable.
  5. Students should handle the books with utmost care.

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